By Sam Rosenthal

The designerzord Interviews: Volume Two

I started desigerzord two years ago because I wanted a place on the internet to talk about design in its many shapes and forms. While my side projects are normally lengthy developments (video games), or personal pursuits (music), designerzord is my one public facing project that can be regularly shared. The site quieted down for a while I spent all of my energy on a major career move, but the dust has settled and it’s time to wake it up.

The most popular part of designerzord was always the interview series, in which I spoke with seven amazing designers about their stories, ideals, and creative processes. I am excited to announce that the series’ hiatus is finally coming to an end.

In the documentary It Might Get Loud, Jack White says before meeting Jimmy Page and The Edge, “My goal is to trick these guys into teaching me all their tricks."

Our next round of trickery begins tomorrow. Hope to see you there!