By Sam Rosenthal


Thanks for stopping by. designerzord is my new website dedicated to interactive design.

The site will provide discourse on all forms of digital content creation, with a special emphasis on game and app design. Game and app designers can learn so much from each other, but they rarely communicate, and it is time to put them under the same umbrella.

There will be two types of features at the start: my own articles, and interviews with developers. You can find all of my old articles from my previous blog in the articles section. Most of the interviews will be with designers, but anyone involved with the creation of interactive content is welcome. If you are interested in interviewing, feel free to shoot me an email.

My plan is to start off with one interview and one article each week. The first interview will be with Jenova Chen, and you will find our conversation here in a few days.


Now, on to the name. 


I was a HUGE Power Rangers fan as a kid, and I especially loved the zords (The White Tigerzord was my favorite, in case you were wondering). The zords were giant animal-like robots, and while each was sufficiently awesome on its own, when the Rangers combined the zords together they formed even cooler robot called the Megazord.

My goal for this site is to bring all types of interactive designers together, so we can learn from each other and become better at our individual crafts. Right now, we are all designerzords, but I hope this site will bring us together in conversation, so we can join forces and feel like a Megazord.

Check in regularly and follow the site on Twitter. It's going to be a fun ride.