By Sam Rosenthal

You Must Back "That Dragon, Cancer"

Earlier this year, on a day that I will never forget, I had the great pleasure of meeting a sweet, adorable five-year-old boy named Joel, and his equally terrific family. I am however, saddened to say we met under unfortunate circumstances. Joel's family had come to San Francisco for treatment concerning his ongoing battle with cancer, which he had been fighting since he was one. Tragically, he passed away just two months later.

Throughout Joel's life, his father Ryan chronicled his journey in a video game called That Dragon, Cancer. Today, he asks for our support to help him reach the finish line. 

You have likely been asked to back a lot of games on Kickstarter, but I cannot fathom one with a stronger need to exist. Ryan and his family lived a story that deserves to be shared. Within the medium that symbolized the piece of heart, they offer us a piece of their own. 

I implore you to accept it. 


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